How to Make a Realistic Looking Denim Pattern in Photoshop

Making Denim in Photoshop

A simple way to generate a denim texture in Photoshop

1. Setting up the Document

Step 1

Open a new Photoshop document, I used the US Paper setting and then changed the width and height to 2 inches.

Open new Photoshop file 2 inch

Step 2

Select a Dark Blue for the Foreground color and fill the entire page with it.

Color Picker Dark Blue


Step 3

Select a Light Blue for the Background color.

Color Picker Light blue

Step 4

Now  go to Filter> Filter Gallery> Halftone Pattern.

Use the Default settings

  • Size:  1
  • Contrast: 5
  • Pattern: Dot

Filter Gallery Sketch Halftone Pattern


Step 5

Go to Filter> Stylize> Diffuse and select one of the Mode options.


Filter Stylize Diffuse Normal


Darken Only


Filter stylize Diffuse Darken Only


Lighten Only

Filter Stylize Diffuse Lighten Only

Click OK

And you’re done!

2. Now you can make this into a Photoshop pattern

Step 1

Select all and Edit>Define Pattern

Name it Denim and Save.

Pattern name Denim

Now you can use it to fill anything with a Denim texture. Try Dodging and Burning on it with a rough brush to add character.

Step 2

To save your Pattern Library to use on another computer:

Edit>Presets>Preset Manager

Preset Type : Patterns

Select your Denim Pattern and Save Set.

Preset Manager Saving Patterns

Name the file (It will be a .PAT) and save it to your USB drive or in the cloud.

Click Done


To load it at another location:

Go to Edit>Presets>Preset Manager

Preset Type : Patterns

Click Load

Select the .PAT file you saved and click Load

Click Done

Now your pattern is ready to use.

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