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I’m so excited to be speaking at @PSAICon, part of @CreativeProWeek May 22-26, 2017 in Atlanta!

CreativePro Week is for every creative professional who designs, creates, or edits in Adobe #InDesign, Adobe #Photoshop, or Adobe #Illustrator.

It’s a great conference, more intimate than Adobe MAX, you can actually meet with the speakers. Come join me for lunch.

Use promo code CPROBIN to save $100 when registering!

To see the full conference agenda, list of speakers, and registration info, visit CreativeProWeek.com!

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AIUG Meeting header

I’ll be presenting Fashion Design tips and tricks using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop on February 26th at 7pm at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles Campus in Santa Monica. This is a combined meeting with the Adobe Illustrator User’s group.

I’ll be covering how to draw flats quickly and easily; using the appearance panel and graphic styles for adding details; and some great Photoshop tricks for seamless repeat patterns.

If you are in Los Angeles, come out and join me for this free event.

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Add a little sparkle to your New Year

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Happy Holidays and a Merry Fur Brush for All

Robin Schneider

Happy Holidays!  Tonight was the Adobe Illustrator Users Group Los Angeles final meeting of 2013. They held an Illustrator Illustration contest  for some great prizes including a 1 year membership to Creative Cloud. Even though I already have my membership I thought I’d send a submission just for fun. So I decided to step away from fashion for a change and try my hand at a self portrait – not too bad, the cool part is that I was able to shave off a few pounds. But at the last minute I just had to add the Santa hat.  It’s hard to let go of the fashion stuff.  

At the meeting I was asked how I did the fur and of course the answer was…I made a brush. Now I can’t keep a great brush like this all to myself so I’ve added it to the downloads section.

Fur Brush Red

or you can just click here: Download

Have fun playing with it!  If you’d like to learn how to create a fur brush in Photoshop check out my new course on Lynda.com Photoshop for Fashion Design: Rendering Techniques

Happy New Year Everyone!

Textile Design Techniques

adobe for fashion user's group meeting

I’d like to invite you to join us for our next Adobe for Fashion User’s Group Meeting on Tuesday Nov 12 at 7pm. 

It’s a free event, sanctioned by Adobe and hosted by the following group of fashion educators:

Ludmila Adams /FashionChalkboard.com

Chris Schiotis/ Instructor: Otis, Fashion Business Inc.

Robin Schneider / Lynda.com, AdobeforFashion.com, Instructor: AICA-H, UCLA, Author.

Kevin Sheffield / Design Technology Manager for FNPC

Our mission is to inform, educate and promote fashion related applications of Adobe software, as well as advise industry professionals on best practices and tips that could help streamline their workflow.  So come brush up on your Photoshop and Illustrator skills and learn some new tricks.This meeting’s topic is Textile Design and we have lots of great techniques to share. We have a demo of The Dynamic Measure tool by the great Sebastian Bleak from Astute Graphics, networking opportunities, refreshments and of course a prize raffle! 

I’ve attached a flyer with all the details- please share it with any fashion professionals or students you think would benefit.

For more information visit out Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AdobeForFashionLosAngelesUserGroup

 I hope you can make it!

How to Make a Realistic Looking Denim Pattern in Photoshop

Making Denim in Photoshop

A simple way to generate a denim texture in Photoshop

1. Setting up the Document

Step 1

Open a new Photoshop document, I used the US Paper setting and then changed the width and height to 2 inches.

Open new Photoshop file 2 inch

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Candy Addiction

I know I’m not the only one. I try to resist, try to stop, to tune out the music but it calls to me. My friends beg me for it, requesting it day and night. It’s addicting, a diabetic need it’s…Candy Crush. It was once my sweet little secret but now as I move on to higher levels I have started to run into friends and colleagues along my path. Face book encourages me to announce it to the world when I pass them to help keep this sweet world alive.

To make things worse it it doled out in hits of 5 at a time…making sure no one overdoses yet keeping us all hooked.I have begun to hear its music in my dreams…

I’ve been trying to stop or at least cut back, but after every round of grading papers I need a hit, a fix to clear my mind. At a recent intervention I was told I must quit, I was informed by friends and loved ones that from now on daily requests for extra lives would go unanswered…ignored, I would be left for dead in my sweet candy crush world. It was suggested I spend my time in more productive pursuits like making brushes, symbols, patterns and tutorials to benefit others. I want to, I really do , but quitting is so hard, and as of yet-no patch or pill to stop the craving.

So in an attempt to save myself I have returned to making brushes. But to stay the path I’ll need your help and support. If reading this post can help just one person regain focus and quit then it was worth opening up and sharing my addiction with the world.

Please show your support by signing up and downloading my newest offering of brushes, symbols and a pattern.

Crush Brush Icon-01


Playing with MirrorMe

For the past few days I have been playing with a great new plugin from Astute Graphics called MirrorMe. They must have had fashion designers in mind when they created this one. Imagine reflecting everything you draw on a layer without that constant “Select Reflect, Alt+Click on the center line, Copy.” It’s the plugin of my dreams. It cut my drawing time almost in half and it integrates beautifully with all of the Illustrator tools including Pathfinder. Visit the Astute Graphics web site for a free 14 day trial and fall in love.

I whipped up a short and sweet tutorial on how to use MirrorMe for fashion design. Get it here!

Click to see more great Artwork created with MirrorMe.

Mini dress flat by robin schneider

Announcing: Adobe for Fashion Los Angeles User’s Group

Finally a user’s group dedicated to the fashion industry! Come join us for fashion related Adobe topics. We will be covering Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design-  tips, tricks and short cuts just for fashion users.

Come check it out!!!!!!

Adobe for fashion User Group Los Angeles First meeting invite

Adobe for fashion User Group Los Angeles First meeting invite

In honor of adobe MAX


Adobe MAX Give away

I noticed that Adobe MAX is giving away these great T-shirts this week.  I want one, but I can’t make it to MAX this year :0(

So I decided to whip up a few of my own…

If you like ‘em let me know.

insights T shirt designs