Candy Addiction

I know I’m not the only one. I try to resist, try to stop, to tune out the music but it calls to me. My friends beg me for it, requesting it day and night. It’s addicting, a diabetic need it’s…Candy Crush. It was once my sweet little secret but now as I move on to higher levels I have started to run into friends and colleagues along my path. Face book encourages me to announce it to the world when I pass them to help keep this sweet world alive.

To make things worse it it doled out in hits of 5 at a time…making sure no one overdoses yet keeping us all hooked.I have begun to hear its music in my dreams…

I’ve been trying to stop or at least cut back, but after every round of grading papers I need a hit, a fix to clear my mind. At a recent intervention I was told I must quit, I was informed by friends and loved ones that from now on daily requests for extra lives would go unanswered…ignored, I would be left for dead in my sweet candy crush world. It was suggested I spend my time in more productive pursuits like making brushes, symbols, patterns and tutorials to benefit others. I want to, I really do , but quitting is so hard, and as of yet-no patch or pill to stop the craving.

So in an attempt to save myself I have returned to making brushes. But to stay the path I’ll need your help and support. If reading this post can help just one person regain focus and quit then it was worth opening up and sharing my addiction with the world.

Please show your support by signing up and downloading my newest offering of brushes, symbols and a pattern.

Crush Brush Icon-01


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